Our philosophy is simple...

Drink Tea – Drinking tea means living healthier

Be Wild – Bend your own rules sometimes

Live Free – Through healthiness comes happiness


Greenwild is a health and wellbeing company, curated and developed solely to share the wonderful world of Matcha and Green Tea with you.

Trying to be healthy in today’s mass produced culture can seem tough. Your grandmother didn't have to ask whether a food was 'natural' but, sadly, we don't have that luxury. The good news is, choosing the right fuel for your body can be fun and rewarding.

At Greenwild, we believe green is best. By consuming natural unprocessed food and drink, our bodies get the nutrients they need in the purest forms possible. Yet being healthy shouldn't be a cage that traps you in a rigid routine of doing stuff you don't enjoy. That's where the wild comes in! Being healthy should be fun, you should have choices and options and, if you feel like ditching your usual routine and eating a brownie, we're not going to judge you. We'll probably ask for a bite.


A note from our Founder…

Welcome to Greenwild! My name is Sarah Mason and my aim is to make Greenwild a place to find not only delicious Green Teas and products, but also inspiration and motivation for your journey to get healthy for life. I want to empower you to create a morning ritual that sets you up to be alert, focused and healthy for the day ahead.

In my early twenties, I was living with unsettling fatigue, inflammation and digestive health concerns. Not content with how I felt, I started researching the best ways to take back and own my health, wellbeing and happiness. I knew I didn’t want to be a salad eating, no carbs after 6pm, calorie counting, health food obsessed type. What I discovered (thankfully!) is that being healthy and happy is more about creating daily habits and taking a balanced approach.

My newfound passion for health & wellbeing inspired me to start an undergrad degree in Nutrition & metabolism. I loved the new direction my life was taking but I worried about how I was going to get through the long hours, work commitments, assignments, and busy-ness of life in general. I wanted a coffee alternative that was healthy, tasted good and would also keep me alert. I wanted health benefits and clean energy. Matcha Green Tea was it and I was hooked.  

Realising how undiscovered Matcha was in Australia & New Zealand, I was determined to find the sweetest matcha out there. I spent months sourcing the best products and finding suppliers and partners that share the same values as me. All my hard work paid off when Greenwild was born.

Changing myself into the healthy, happy person I am today didn’t happen overnight. If you want to see a real, long term difference in how you feel, introduce a few small daily habits at a time. And not just with drinking tea, this works with any change you want to make for the better. For me, that change has come with drinking Matcha. I hope it can have the same effect for you.


With love Sarah xx



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