Our mission is to inspire and empower others to think differently about their health. We want you to be the healthiest, happiest ‘you’ you can be. And we’re doing that in one simple way: green tea.

When it comes to your health and wellbeing, there's no doubt this hot little beverage is one of the most beneficial natural drinks. The Japanese have been making it for centuries and have developed it into an exquisite art form. Now it’s time to share their knowledge and tradition with you in a modern way through our Greenwild flask and our selection of delicious teas. We adore our products and we think you will too.

One of Greenwild's key values is to ensure everything we do is good for ourselves, good for others and good for the planet. 

  • All of our products have been sourced to contribute to the sustainable movement.
  • We work closely with suppliers and tea farms in Japan to ensure ethical and fair work conditions.
  • We choose to adopt practices that honour the earth and people

It’s all part of that ‘healthy, happy’ concept we mentioned earlier. We take that commitment pretty seriously around here.

Create your morning ritual – start the day with Greenwild Tea


"The journey to health is a lifelong adventure, strive for continual progress not perfection"  Greenwild founder, Sarah Mason.


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