Matcha is 100% pure green tea, nothing else. Though, it’s no regular green tea. A unique process of growing, shading and producing a vibrant green, stone ground powder, was developed 1000’s of years ago, with thanks to Japanese tradition, Matcha has been crafted into an art form.

The vibrant green powder is then added to hot water, whisked and served.

The unique shading technique, limits sunlight to the plant, increasing chlorophyll (giving matcha it’s vibrant green colour), lots of minerals, fibre, and is packed with the highest level of antioxidants & phytonutrients (you know, all that good stuff essential for vibrant health) reducing oxidation & slowing down the aging process. It has up to 20 x the nutrient content of regular green tea.


Where is it from?

Green Tea is produced all around the world, though high quality Matcha is produced exclusively in Japan. At Greenwild we source our exquisite Matcha from Uji, the most established tea farming region of Japan, renowned for its superior green tea.


How much caffeine is in Matcha?

Not too much, about 32mg per 1g. Compare that to coffee which has 80-90mg in one espresso. It’s clean energy without the coffee crash. Green tea also contains a unique amino acid L-Theanine, which provides a calm mental clarity & heightened awareness. Create your morning ritual – start the day with Greenwild tea.


Lets compare…

  Premium Ceremonial Culinary
USE ▪ Whisk hot, best matcha for tea ▪ Whisk hot or cold, best matcha for milk latte & tea or blended smoothies ▪ Blend, bake, cook or sprinkle as an ingredient (smoothies, sweet treats and savoury snacks).
QUALITY ▪ Highest premium quality, Matcha delicacy, the traditional tea ceremony thick matcha ▪ Premium quality, traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, thin matcha ▪ High quality, specifically for versatility in the kitchen.
FLAVOUR ▪ Smooth, delicate with a natural sweetness, rich & deliciously thick, no trace of bitterness  ▪ Delicate, yet rich, with a touch of sweetness. Stands well on its own. ▪ Strong and robust. Distinct flavor remains true when other flavours are mixed alongside it.
*NOT meant for sipping
MADE FROM ▪ First Harvest, selected leaves, stone ground by hand ▪ First Harvest, stone ground by hand ▪ First Harvest, stone ground by mill
COLOUR ▪ Wildly vibrant green ▪ Vibrant green. ▪ Lighter green.
HEALTH BENEFITS ▪ Highest quality - Most nutritionally dense ▪ Highest quality - Most nutritionally dense  
▪ Antioxidents ▪ Antioxidents ▪ Antioxidents
▪ Metabolism Support ▪ Metabolism Support ▪ Metabolism Support
▪ Energy & Alertness ▪ Energy & Alertness ▪ Energy & Alertness
▪ Amino Acids + ECG's (cancer fighting properties) ▪ Amino Acids + ECG's (cancer fighting properties) ▪ Amino Acids + ECG's (cancer fighting properties)
CAFFEINE ▪ 32mg per serving 1g ▪ 32mg per serving 1g ▪ 32mg per serving 1g


▪ 25g pouch ▪ Organic 50g pouch ▪ Organic 70g pouch
▪ 50g pouch ▪ Traditional 50g pouch ▪ Traditional 100g pouch
CERTIFIED ORGANIC VS TRADITIONAL ▪ Traditional ▪ Certified Organic & Traditional ▪ Certified Organic & Traditional
FOUNDERS’ FAVORITE Green Espresso™ Matcha latte  Green smoothie 


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