Herbal Cleanse 100g



This lightly lemony herbal blend is sure to clean the cobwebs away. It's packed with all the good stuff: dandelion root cleanses the body, cassia seeds for kidney assist, fennel calms the digestive tract and star anise soothes and adds flavour. This tea is a strong colon cleanser. One thing's for sure, Herbal Cleanse is good ju-ju for your tum-tum (and the rest of your body too). 

It's time to give your body a helping hand to cleanse! Our highly nutritious blend of detoxing herbs:

  • Dandelion root - a well known detoxing herb good for the liver and kidney. It tonifies and cleanses the entire body. 
  • Cassia seeds - for blurred vision and kidney. It acts upon tissues of the hepatic, gastrointestinal, and respiratory tracts.
  • Fennel soothes the entire digestive tract. Reduces bloating and is nourishing. It balances the actions of the cassia seeds
  • Star anise soothes and flavours. Fennel and Star Anise are both used to help digestion and "push things along" in herbalism.

Most detox blends on the market use senna leaf (laxative), though our herbal cleanse detoxifies the entire body with emphasis on the liver.

Unlike many detoxing products which are no more than just harsh herbal laxatives that actually stress the liver and other organs (simply by increasing bowel movements and promoting fluid loss), our Herbal Cleanse works with the body, detoxifying the systems of the body, and supporting optimal functioning of immune response, brain and nerves

Optimal function, especially of the detoxification of your organs, can aid in the breakdown of fat, improved metabolism, and balanced blood sugar levels which decrease cravings and help to obtain and maintain a healthy weight.

This blend is not a miracle weight loss tea. To strengthen the body's optimal functioning is the goal, which thus aids in weight loss.

Note: Before meals is best. Herbalist suggestion only for occasional use. Not to be used if pregnant or nursing.


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